OJ is Managing Director of European Consultants, a consultancy firm based in Antwerp and Rotterdam. OJ not only brings a lot of helpful knowledge and experience to the table, but he is known for being very down-to-earth and flat out fun to be around. Clients often tell us that he has a unique ability to walk into an organization, evaluate the current systems being used, and put together a strategy that will help their company run more effectively and efficiently.

OJ is very skilled in the alignment of business and technology. He is a great communicator and team builder who orchestrates complex projects and teams to accomplish continual improvement to the overall bottom line. He specializes in Strategic Planning, IT and Business Alignment, Organizational Change and Operational Management.

“In order to help a business, one must understand the business.” OJ has a very in-depth knowledge of how to help companies with their needs due to his 15+ years of experience helping companies both big and small exceed their objectives. He has had the privilege to work with and help a variety of companies in sectors such as high-tech, financial service, oil and gas, retail, military and police as well as healthcare.

He is responsible for innovations and start-ups like the friend-finder WAARBENIK, the co-creation platform IDEA, the XS2CARE healthcare and i12social innovation network, and published several articles on innovation and change.

In ICDIS, his most recent project, he sees the necessity of the professionalization of the cyber defence and information security function which will become more and more important over time.

OJ earned his Masters from a top-rated Dutch Business School and is Master in Psychology.